Saturday, October 18, 2008

Godforsaken Town

Ok. Maybe I was a little harsh.

But, come on...most Danvillites would admit that the post-grad-single-mid-to-late-twenty-something population is pretty scarce. And it's not like I don't try. When I roomed with Mark and Nate within the past year, we were pretty oblivious to this drought. Then Mark moved and Nate graduated. That is when it first hit Nate and I: "Where is everybody?" Nate and I went on a quest to form a 'community.'

Don't worry, it wasn't going to be like one of those communities that you join in Texas and then the next thing you know you are being told to drink something. No, this was to be an inclusive group of people with similar interests, facing the same challenges of the quarter-life crisis - much like Seinfeld (even though Jerry was probably 40 in the show).

We met Thom the Catholic (George) and an 'Elaine'. We had our ups and downs. Thom the Catholic moved to Cincinnati, Nate moved to New York, and I don't really know what happened to Elaine. Back to zero.

Now, I do have a few other friends in Danville - I see them once or twice a week.

If I'm not at a conference or retreat on the weekends, I usually travel to the big cities of Kentucky to visit family and friends. I am contented with this.

Danville is not the place for people like me. Danville is the place for married people, children, and college students. But, I will accept this place for the time being.

I have a couple of hands full of friends who I have talked with and found to be in a similar situation. Not necessarily with the Danville dynamic, but in a place with a lack of similar people. This isn't because we are obtuse. I think the root of the problem exists because the heart society (perhaps civil sphere could fit in here) has turned into a conglomeration of gesellschafts.

I am not lamenting or seeking pity for people's ill-disposed prescriptions of loneliness. Sure, I do not deny loneliness at times, but I'm more so stating the simple facts of Danville, KY. I am quite happy.

But, you now might understand how I could sometimes surmise this town to be godforsaken.

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Cutesy but not cutesy said...

i'm thoroughly enjoying life in danville through your eyes.